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Recreating Exam Environment

Practice previous years exam papers and several mock tests under real exam conditions and assess your preparedness against unkown competitors.

Our mock tests are prepared by experts from different fields and are well crafted to mimic real exam scenario.

The mocks of maniavarsity has helped to measure, analyze and improve my performance and achieve my goal. The entrance exam of CFTRI being conducted online for the first time, maniavarsity provided the real time experience of online mock tests. With the help of maniavarsity mock results and detailed analysis I could modify my strategy to achieve my goals.

- Varun Arora
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'I'm really happy for getting into CFTRI.It has been possible due to 'Maniavarsity,the group's forum and discussion and tips did help me a lot.The book 'Objective Food Science' is a must read.It gives a great view about the field with ease

- Sindhuja C
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Maniavarsity is most helpful regarding CFTRI preparation solve more and more questions to build ur confidence and aspiration ...thank you

- Ganesh Shetty
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Maniavarsity provides the best up to date platform for preparing students and helping them by conducting online tests as CFTRI mock tests. Thanks to maniavarsity

- Utkal
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