About Us

Maniavarsity Edu Pvt. Ltd. is a virtual environment nurtured by a group of professionals who firmly believe in FUNducation (bringing fun during learning). Education is a serious affair and competitive exams suck out any remaining traces of fun. Ironically, in present times, both a serious study and cut-throat competition are unavoidable. The only way out is to add the essence of fun in both learning and exam preparation.

Mania APP is an endeavor towards FUNducation by "Gamifying Exam Preparation". The app doesn't target any specific exam, rather provides a choice of a wide variety of subjects which are tested in multitude of exams. This app exposes one to the different rules, which help in honing the skills required to excel in any kind of exam. Users are requested to pre-read and practice from conventional sources before and while using this app. It provides the user an opportunity to take a break from rigorous exam preparation, while still being able to enhance the skills and assess their position relative to competitors. Quizzing and healthy competition always proves a game-changer in the regular classroom courses. Maniavarsity endows to provide same healthy and productive virtual environment through the Mania APP.

Take Mania Mock Test when, where and with whom so ever you want to. Compete, collaborate and get expert help on your exam preparation. Our mantra is to facilitate – Practice, Improvise and improve your exam conversion rate. Knowing concept and applying them in exam environment are two different aspects of exam preparation. Most of us are good at grasping the concepts but when it comes applying them in limited time and under exam pressure many of us tend to falter. With Maniavarsity Mock Test series, our endeavor is to make you comfortable and habitual of the pressure situation and help you succeed.

“Let’s work together to outplay your competitors!”